Learning to KiCad: Part 0b

A quick update on the KiCad learning process. I have created a simple 12Vin to 3.3Vout evaluation board using the LM3102 Simple Switcher buck converter from TI. I did not attempt to optimize the layout or analyze the expected efficiency/performance and instead used a few rule of thumb and approximately correct values for the design and expect it to function moderately well based on past usage of this part in particular and TI’s simple switcher line in general.

I have sent the board out to OSH Park for fab and ordered my BOM on Digikey, hope to find no glaring issues with the board (Which should arrive within the next few weeks). So far I have run into no major issues with using KiCad or any other of my installed software. I have greatly enjoyed having a Dropbox sync for my files and KiCad settings to keep work between my laptop and desktop seamless and Github has provided an easy to use version control/distribution service. Below I have linked to the board source files / OSH Park project and included a render of what the bare board should look like when it arrives.




So far so good.


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